Psychology Oxford & Cambridge University Interview Questions

Past admissions interview questions for Psychology

  • What is 'normal' for humans? (Oxford University Website)

  • Why do human beings have two eyes? (Oxford University website)

  • Should interview be used for selection? (Oxford University website)

  • An experiment appears to suggest Welsh speakers are worse at remembering phone numbers than English speakers. Why? (Oxford University website)

  • how would you conceptualise an emotion

  • How could you design an experiment to see if babies can recognise faces/if faces are special compared to other shapes/objects?

  • can you tell me anything you have read recently in science that has been really interesting? (see video here)

  • if i told you that first born siblings have higher iqs than siblings.discuss expanations for this finding? (see video here).

  • if i also told you that only children dont show the iq advantage what would you conclude? (see video here)

  • describe what the data show in the presented graph about rats with legions. and what do you think we can conclude about these data? (see video here)

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