Experimental Psychology

Past admissions interview questions for Experimental Psychology

  • How many monkeys would you use in an experiment? (molivam42's weblog)

  • Can a thermostat think? (molivam42's weblog)

  • How would you design a scientific experiment to show that a certain substance is addictive? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • How come a painting by a four year old of “a tiger amongst tulips” (as described by the child) doesn’t look like a tiger despite the child studying a tiger at the zoo the day before and being satisfied with the outcome? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • What are the effects of recreational drugs on the brain? (Scribd)

  • An experiment appears to suggest Welsh speakers are worse at remembering phone numbers than English speakers. Why?

  • would taxi drivers use a different part of their brain to remember routes (Oxbridge applications)

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