Oriental Studies Oxford & Cambridge University Interview Questions

Past admissions interview questions for Oriental Studies

  • Do you think Chairman Mao would be proud of the China of today? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Why does the word 'God' and 'I' have a capital letter? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • how can china be so materialistic, and yet be one of the biggest Buddhist countries in the world if Buddhism teaches non attachment? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • how can Buddhists believe in anatta (no permanent self) and also in karma and rebirth? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • I was given two pieces of Chinese art and asked to comment on the similarities between them (and there were hardly any!) (Oxbridge Applications)

  • what do you think of art for art's sake? what do you think of the turner prize? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • why do you think Chinese students obey their parents more than those in the uk?- think about historical traditions (Oxbridge Applications)

  • why do you think the birth rate in the usa is declining? (Oxbridge Applications)

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