Land Economy Oxford & Cambridge University Interview Questions

Past admissions interview questions for Land Economy

  • Is it more important to focus on poverty at home or abroad? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Is the environment a bigger crisis than poverty/AIDS etc? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Do you think that getting involved in poverty abroad is interfering with others' freedoms? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Make Poverty History is a commendable thought, is it a practical one? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Was it fair that a woman's planning application for painting her door purple in a conservation area was declined? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • How does global development affect your life personally? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • What kind of transport policy could be implemented in Cambridge? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Why is traffic so bad in cities and what would you do about it? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Should fox hunting have been banned? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Isn't golf all based on luck? (Cambridge interview, The Student Room)

  • Should northerners be forced to move south for jobs due to unemployment rates (Cambridge interview, The Student Room)

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