Modern and Medieval Languages Oxford & Cambridge University Interview Questions

Past admissions interview questions for Modern and Medieval Languages

  • What is the purpose of comedy? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Was Romeo impulsive? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Why does French food interest you? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Are you surprised that there is no Russian word for "privacy"? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Why do we psychoanalyse historians? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Think of a painting of a tree. Is the tree real? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Chekhov's great, isn't he? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • what would happen here if someone caught bird flu? (this question was asked in German) (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • do you feel that there is censorship in the English media? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • if you had a rugby match, an orchestra concert and a piece of homework, how would you prioritise them and why? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • if you had to send 3 things in a package to a group of isolated tribes’ people that would immediately let them know what it means to be 'French', what would you choose? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • tell me the most interesting thing about yourself. (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • what is wrong with the sentence 'here comes bob'? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • why do things have names? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • would you describe yourself as a post-modernist? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)

  • why should we choose you over the other candidates (Oxford, Oxbridge Applications)

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