Modern languages Oxford & Cambridge University Interview Questions

Past admissions interview questions for Modern and Medieval Languages

  • What is language? (Oxford University Website)

  • Why do you want to study a very literature-based degree? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • What do you think Voltaire meant by 'Il faut cultiver notre jardin'? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • What are the differences between Spain and Latin America? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • How does Le Monde differ from English broadsheets? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • Should poetry be difficult to understand? (Oxford University website)

  • What makes a short story different from a novel? (Oxford University website)

  • In a world where English is a global language, why learn French? (Oxford University website)

  • This very passage is a fundamental contradiction of its own message? what does that say about the writer when compared to the tonal difference of the last line? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • what I thought of the TV programme 'wife swap' and what class issues arose from this. (Oxbridge Applications)

  • what makes something poetic? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • why haven't there been many French operas? (Oxbridge Applications)

  • What makes a novel or play political?

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