Architecture Oxford & Cambridge University Interview Questions

Past admissions interview questions for Architecture

    • Why do you want to study architecture?

    • How would you reduce crime through architecture? (Oxbridge Applications)

    • How do you make a place peaceful? (Oxbridge Applications)

    • What is the importance of light in architecture? (Oxbridge Applications)

    • What is your favourite building? (Oxbridge Applications)

    • Who is your favourite architect? (Oxbridge Applications)

    • Questions about the portfolio submitted. (Oxbridge Applications)

    • Compare music to architecture (Cambridge student, The Student Room)

    • How do you think science and art link together? (Cambridge interview, The Student Room)

    • Have you had a chance to look around Oxford during your visit? What buildings stood out? (submitted by Oxford applicant)

    • You say on your application that you are interested in environmentally friendly architecture. Can you give me some examples? What do you think the future of architecture will look like? (submitted by Oxford applicant)

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